Why Have a Professional Photographer?

With the widespread availability of cameras, from disposables to iPhones, along with software and sites to make sharing easy, you can be sure that your wedding will be captured start to finish by many of your guests. These impromptu photos are all an important part of your wedding or other event – they tell the […]

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

Here at our Las Vegas gown care center, we see a lot of wedding dresses pass through. The variety is incredible, and even sometimes overwhelming, so we understand that for a newly-engaged bride the choice of dress can feel hugely stressful. The most important consideration for your wedding dress is of course that you love […]

How to Choose a Wedding Date

You’ve just become engaged! Congratulations – and now the real work begins. One of the first things on a newly engaged couple’s to-do list is to set a date for the wedding. In some ways it’s a small decision (just pick a day!) but it is an incredibly important decision. Take a look at a […]

How to Tell You’re Dealing With a Professional

As many brides know, a wedding dress is often a most delicate piece of work and beauty, with fabrics and details that are not usually seen in ordinary clothing. It takes more than just owning a dry cleaning business to care for them – it takes real skill. Here are some things to look for […]

How to Transport Your Dress Safely

Since we are based in Las Vegas, we see a lot of destination weddings – and we hear a lot of horror stories about wedding dresses damaged or misplaced en route. This is just about the last thing that a bride needs as she is heading to her dream wedding, and if you check your […]