Starbucks is no longer just a place for coffee, take a look at how some couples are including the business in their wedding:

If you are a coffee lover, it’s impossible not to have had at least one Starbucks coffee in your life. However, as surprising as this may sound, Starbucks is no longer just a coffee shop – but an amazing “accessory” to weddings as well. How are couples including Starbucks in their Big Day? Here are […]

Weddings can be a lot of fun! Take a look at some of the top ideas to make yours exciting:

Weddings are really happy moments in people’s lives – and you will definitely want to make everything exciting for your guests as well. We have gathered some really fun ideas you could include in your wedding too, so make sure to read on if you need some extra inspiration: • Offer sparkles as wedding favors […]

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Grooms take on a lot of stress through the wedding planning as well, here are some things they wish their bride would stop asking!

Somehow, our society has made weddings all about the bride: her dress is the center of attention, the success of a wedding is upon her shoulders and she is the one planning everything down to the smallest details. Under these circumstances, it is no wonder why sometimes brides can feel like cracking up under the […]

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Did you find “The Dress” but still want some changes? Alterations can customize any dress to fit who you are!

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Can My Accessories Be Stored with My Gown?

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Tips for Choosing the Best Gown Cleaner

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Traveling on a Plane with Your Gown

For a bride-to-be, her wedding gown is one of the most important things she owns. For this reason (and because a new wedding gown would be quite expensive too), brides-to-be will want to make sure that their gowns are perfect for their Big Day. If you plan on having a destination wedding though, traveling with […]

How Safe Is It to Ship My Gown?

For a bride, her wedding gown is almost sacred. After having dreamt about it for decades and after having searched for the one for many months, it comes as natural that you will want to properly take care of your wedding gown. If you are having a destination wedding though, one issue may appear along […]