Cold Weather Wedding? Find the Perfect Dress with These Ideas

There are so many reasons to love a cold weather wedding – from the lower price to the magnificence of the natural landscape, everything about winter weddings can be just perfect. Of course, your dress has to be just as perfect too – but how do you choose a wedding gown that makes you feel […]

Opt for a Champagne Wedding Dress!

Weddings used to be surrounded by an almost countless number of rules and customs – all of which were quite compulsory for brides and grooms to follow. The white wedding dress is no longer a must for brides either – so naturally, a lot of other options have become widely available. Why opt for a […]

Have You Considered a Starry Wedding Gown?

Thankfully, you are much less constricted as a bride today than what your mom and grandmother used to be. From the fact that you can wear a white pantsuit at your wedding to the fact that you can wear just about any color under the sun, your bridal outfit is not limited to just a […]