2019 Bride? Here Are the Wedding Dress Trends that Will Be Popular by Then

Yes, we know Las Vegas wedding gown trends come and go – and we know that the most important thing for you is not to be fashionable on your wedding day, but to feel unique and to feel really beautiful as you walk down the aisle.

And yet, wedding trends can inspire you in achieving that perfect, original wedding look you dream of.

For example, have you read about the wedding gown trends that will be really popular next year? If not, read on and find out more – we bet you will love them!

  • There’s a lot of shine going on. No, don’t think of the satin wedding dresses of the 2000s. Think of sparkle, glitter, pearls, and everything in between. In 2019, wedding gowns are meant to stand out from the crowd – they are extra, they are glamorous, and they are not afraid to show off the stunning beauty of the lady wearing them.
  • There’s also plenty of minimalism. If being over the top is just not your think, you will be happy to know 2019 is very generous with you as well. There are so many beautiful minimalist wedding dress designs on the runway right now – and they’re all about to reach the wedding aisles of the world as soon as 2019 approaches. You will absolutely love these!
  • Jumpsuits are a preeminent option. They’ve been around for a few years now, but it seems that they’re slowly and steadily stealing the show. Next year’s bridal jumpsuits are stunning from all points of view. They look very bridal, they come in intricate designs, and many of them come with stylish trains attached as well. They are so awesome that you will seriously reconsider the idea of wearing a dress!
  • Bright colors everywhere! If you are an unconventional bride and want to wear a colored dress, 2019 is the year. Blush pink, gray, pale blue, and even golden options are still great – but next year, designers are getting really daring with the color. How about a bright red wedding dress that will make you feel like a VIP attending the Golden Globes? We bet you will adore it!


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