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3 Things You Can Do With the Wedding Dress After the Big Day

If you are like most women, you’ve dreamed at least once about the dress you would wear on your wedding day. Now that the big moment is approaching and your wedding dress is ready to be worn, you might even start thinking what to do with it afterwards.

We have some ideas for you – so read on if you want to find out more!

  • You can sell it. If you don’t want to keep your wedding dress, you can definitely sell it. There are a lot of brides happy to purchase slightly used wedding gowns for a smaller price than what a new one would cost (especially if it’s designer-made). Likewise, there are a lot of brides happy to recover a part of their money after the Big Day. In other words, it’s a win-win situation!
  • You can donate it. Don’t want to keep the dress, but don’t want to sell it either? You can definitely donate it – either to a complete stranger (and we bet the Internet has plenty of opportunities when it comes to this), or to a friend you know and who would appreciate this gesture. Your choice!
  • You can preserve it. Many brides choose to keep their wedding dress as a souvenir of the Big Day – and we can totally understand that. After all, this was a magical moment for you, and the dress was a huge part of it. If you do decide for this, be sure to hire someone specialized in preserving intricate wedding dresses, so that yours stays beautiful and young for the many decades to come.

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Photo by Stephanie Craig on Unsplash