After the Wedding

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Wedding Gown CareCongratulations….On your wedding.  Now that all the planning and excitement is over it’s time to think of what to do with your gown.  Are you planning on keeping it for perhaps your daughter, grand-daughter or future daughter-in-law to wear?  Or do you plan on selling your gown?

Either way your gown is made of delicate material and you want to be sure and have it cleaned and/or preserved as soon as possible after your big day.

Some stains dry clear and those are the ones that cause the most damage to your gown.  Over time they will leave brown spots.

If you are thinking of selling your gown preserving it will add value allowing you to get a higher resale value.

If you want your gown for future generations preserving it will make it possible for someone to wear your gown and look as good as you did walking down the aisle.

We are the only company in the State of Nevada that uses the Museum Care Method ™ of preservation.  The top wedding gown designers recommend us for cleaning and preservation.  Your gown will be returned to you with a 100% guarantee against yellowing.   This guarantee will be honored at over 500 Associate Members of the Wedding Gown Association around the world.

Call 702-998-9813 ask for Mel and set an appointment with our Wedding Gown Specialists.  They will take care of your gown.

Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists

Member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

Member of the Wedding Council of the International Fabric Institute

Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association

Endorsed by the Association of Bridal Consultations Master Wedding Vendors


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If you have questions, comments, or any other requests – please just let us know by completing the form below.
We will strive to respond within one business day.

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Call for your appointment for your gown cleaning or preservation 702-998-9813 and be sure and visit:

Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists