Are you aware of the best undergarments to wear with your wedding dress?

Your wedding dress should look flawless – and the accessories you choose to embellish it with should also be amazing. However, keep in mind that wearing the right type of undergarments is also crucial if you want your bridal look to be really gorgeous.

How to do that? What type of undergarments should you wear, according to your wedding gown? Here are some tips of advice to help you with this:


  • Strapless dresses. This type of wedding gown is really popular these days – and if you have chosen to wear it, you should absolutely know that they can be quite tricky when it comes to the upper-body support. If you are not very large in this area, the seamstress can add cups underneath the dress – but if you have a larger chest, you might want to opt for a well-fitted strapless bra, for a bustier or for a corset.
  • Sheath/column dresses. These gowns are splendid, but they can be quite unforgiving, so it’s essential that you settle for seamless undergarments (and maybe even shapewear, to ensure everything is perfect). Furthermore, keep in mind that bras can be easily noticed through this type of design, so either ask your seamstress to sew-in a bra or cups, or see if you can find an adhesive bra that works well for your body and your dress’ design.
  • Halter top and one-shoulder dresses. Elegant and feminine, these gowns are perfect for a bride who wants to be sophisticated, sexy and unique. If you plan on wearing this kind of dress, be sure to choose a strapless bra or a convertible one that fits you to perfection.

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Photo source: Joybot