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How should you behave at a wedding? Be sure you are aware of the etiquette

Being a wedding guest is almost as complicated as being the host of the event. In between contemporaneity and tradition, wedding guests still have to follow a good set of rules – and here are some of the most important ones you should know:


  • Plus-ones. If your RSVP includes a plus-one, you can bring anyone you want. It may be your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend, but it may also be a good friend as well. However, if your invitation doesn’t include a plus-one, you should know that only long-term boyfriends/girlfriends and spouses should be brought.
  • In general, it is recommendable that you offer gifts from the registry. Still, if you buy a gift you know for sure the bride and groom will love, they will be more than thankful for your gesture. Also, it is OK to give money, but make sure to include a thoughtful card in the envelope, so that the couple knows your gift is from the heart.
  • Generally speaking, the invitation will give you a good idea of what the wedding will be like – formal, semi-formal, casual, and so on. As for the colors you dress in, you are definitely allowed to wear black (as long as it doesn’t look as if it was for a funeral) and you are also allowed to wear white (as long as it doesn’t look very bridal).
  • If you cannot find anything you can or want to eat, do not complain (not to other guests and definitely not to the bride or her groom).
  • If the reception has an open bar, you are expected to tip the bartender with anything between 50 cents – $1 for each drink. However, you are generally not expected to tip the parking attendant or valet (but you should keep an eye on what the others are doing).

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