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Have your bridesmaids looking chic on your wedding day with these dress ideas:

Your own wedding dress is surely very important to you – but, considering these are your best friends, you will also want your bridesmaids to look at their very best too. What are some of the most stylish and chic bridesmaids’ dresses ideas to inspire you? Read on and find out more.


  • Something blue. Make your bridesmaids be your unique “something blue” for the big day. For example, having them dress in long, elegant blue skirts and allowing them to pair the skirts with white blouses will look really gorgeous.
  • Black never goes out of fashion. Who is to say your bridesmaids cannot wear black at your wedding? This elegant color is absolutely timeless and it will give your special ladies the occasion to wear something that suits their style.
  • Pastels are always a good idea. Want to match your bridesmaids with the spring feeling outside? Pastel colors are perfect for spring and summer weddings – so asking your bridesmaids to wear pretty pastels is always a great idea for a stylish wedding.
  • Yes, you read that right. You can actually ask your bridesmaids to wear white. As long as their dresses are different in style than yours is (e.g. their dresses are of a more simple elegance), this will look truly wonderful.
  • Nude shades and short skirts. Dressing your bridesmaids in short skirts is perfect if you want to have a more casual wedding. Also, nude shades are extremely chic and they will give your bridesmaids plenty of freedom to choose colors that suit their complexions and personal styles.

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Photo source: balleyne