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Can My Accessories Be Stored with My Gown?

Every bride wants her big day to be unforgettable – and for this reason, most ladies will put a huge amount of effort into making sure every tiny detail is its own place. Once the wedding day is over though, you might want to preserve the most beautiful memories in a way you know for sure that will not alter them in any way.
Many brides these days choose to have a specialist preserve their wedding gowns. If you want this too, make sure you choose an actual specialist and that your dress will be stored in a 100% non-acidic box so that it doesn’t get affected by the sands of time.
Can you store your accessories with your gown too, though? Here are some things you might want to consider:
• In short, yes, you can preserve some of your accessories in your wedding gown box as well. However, talk to your preservationist about it and make sure that adding the accessories to the box will not ruin the dress.
• Generally speaking, you might want to preserve your shoes separately, in another box. This way, you will be 100% certain that “stuffing” your shoes into the wedding gown box will not ruin it.
• You can definitely add your veil, your bridal garter and your headpieces to the wedding gown box. Again, talk to your preservationist about these accessories can be included without ruining the appearance of the dress.
• Some brides also choose to have their wedding jewelry preserved with the gown too. if you want this as well, remember to mention this to your wedding gown preservation specialist as well.
• As for your bridal bouquet, it can be preserved too, but in most of the cases it will not be included with the actual wedding gown.
Come and let’s have a talk at Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists. Together, we will find a solution for keeping your gown and accessories in safe storage – so that you can keep them unaltered for many years to come.
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