How to Tell You’re Dealing With a Professional

As many brides know, a wedding dress is often a most delicate piece of work and beauty, with fabrics and details that are not usually seen in ordinary clothing. It takes more than just owning a dry cleaning business to care for them – it takes real skill. Here are some things to look for […]

Corona Virus and Wedding Plans

Here’s an interesting read for you today from USA TODAY on the subject of “How do I plan a wedding during the corona virus outbreak?” As the coronavirus outbreak spreads in the U.S. and around the world, those planning their weddings may be wondering whether to cancel their nuptials or honeymoons. The outbreak shows no signs of […]

How to Transport Your Dress Safely

Since we are based in Las Vegas, we see a lot of destination weddings – and we hear a lot of horror stories about wedding dresses damaged or misplaced en route. This is just about the last thing that a bride needs as she is heading to her dream wedding, and if you check your […]

How Do You Correctly Accessorize a Wedding Dress?

  If you are like most brides, your wedding dress is one of the most important elements of the Big Day. You want your gown not only to look perfect, but more specifically, you want it to look perfect on you. You want your wedding dress to make you shine – and in order for […]

Wedding Dress Necklines 101: How to Choose the Right One

Everything about your wedding in Las Vegas should be perfect – but of all the wedding details, you will want to be especially careful with your wedding gown and the way you choose it. After all, you’re a bride once – and you want your dress to flatter you in any way there is, so […]

Your Bridesmaids Don’t Have to Wear Actual Wedding Dresses

As the bride, you want your super-ladies to look super-amazing – but that doesn’t always mean that you have to stick to tradition. After all, brides don’t have to wear white dresses on their wedding day anymore – or even dresses, for that matter. So why would bridesmaids commit to the same old traditions? Why […]

Planning the Big Day? Hear Out These Tips, Then!

Your wedding day is MEANT to be ultra-special, right? Beyond lush flower arrangements and crystal champagne flutes, though, you should feel very special. What are some of the tips former brides have passed on to the next generation of ladies walking down the aisle in Las Vegas? We have gathered their advice right below – […]

How to Use Mobile Tech to Plan Your Wedding

If you are like the vast majority of smartphone users, you are almost glued to your device. It’s what wakes you up in the morning, and the last thing you leave off your hand in the evening when you go to sleep. It’s where you keep track of everything, socialize, entertain and…selfie yourself. Why not […]

Did You Give Your Wedding Guests These Details?

All brides and grooms want their guests to feel excellent during the wedding. And yes, the music, the ambiance, the food, the drinks, the décor, and pure and simply your smile can all contribute to that. What are the more administrative things your guests should know before your Las Vegas wedding, though? Following, we have […]

Top 4 Tips for a Perfect Wedding Reception

With your Las Vegas wedding reception being the most intricate part of the Big Day, you definitely want to make sure you put a lot of attention to detail in the way you plan it. How do you do it the RIGHT way, though? What makes a wedding reception go from “good” to “absolutely fantastic”? […]