The Most Beautiful Wedding Hair Trends of the Year

Nothing beats a bride that feels self-confident and radiates beauty and happiness – it’s just the most amazing sight in the world to see her walking down the aisle, ready to get married and proceed on a new path with her SO. Of course, your hairstyle is very, very important to you as a bride […]

Did You Know These Things about Wedding Gown Alterations?

Wedding gown alterations are just as important as finding the right wedding design to flatter your most beautiful assets. In fact, even a simple dress can turn into a true masterpiece when the right alterations specialist is on your side – so it is crucial that you give this part of your wedding planning the […]

2019 Bride? Here Are the Wedding Dress Trends that Will Be Popular by Then

Yes, we know Las Vegas wedding gown trends come and go – and we know that the most important thing for you is not to be fashionable on your wedding day, but to feel unique and to feel really beautiful as you walk down the aisle. And yet, wedding trends can inspire you in achieving […]

You’re Not Allowed to Regret Anything on Your Big Day!

Your Las Vegas wedding day is so special and unique that nothing should ruin it. You deserve to be really happy on your Big Day and you deserve to ban out all kinds of regrets regarding to the way you chose to plan this important life event. How to make sure you really leave regrets […]

Look Perfect on Your Wedding Day

Every Las Vegas bride wants to be the most beautiful woman at her Big Day – and you probably make no exception from the rule. Sure, a beautiful dress that embraces your body in a well-balanced way, a good hairstyle and a well-done makeup can all help you feel stunning. But more often than not, […]

The BEST Fall Winter 2018 Wedding Dress Trends

Choosing the perfect wedding gown for your Las Vegas wedding is bound to be a rollercoaster of emotions – and while listening to all the trends coming and going from the bridal industry is definitely not a good idea, listening to them for inspiration is something you should definitely do. So, with that being said, […]

How to Get Gorgeous Brows for Your Big Day

Although a lot of people don’t pay a lot of attention to this, the truth is that bows are hugely important for the success of your wedding look. To understand just how hugely essential they are, imagine yourself or someone you know without brows – or just imagine someone with really bad brows. Wouldn’t that […]

Did You Know This Is the Order of the Wedding Speeches?

Weddings are still surrounded by a lot of etiquette rules. Some still make sense today, some don’t, and are slowly growing out of “style”. Yet, if you want to plan a wedding that’s as traditional as possible, you will still want to make sure you follow all of the etiquette tips that have been handed […]

Don’t Let These Wedding Gown Issues Stay in Your Way

Wearing the perfect wedding dress! – now, that’s a priority most brides will add to their to-do lists! Of course, the path to finding the right dress may not be as straight-forward for everyone – but, in the end, all of the wedding gown issues you may have can be solved. What are the most […]

The Essential Beauty Tips All Brides Should Follow before the Big Day

If you are a bride-to-be, you know just how important your look is for you on this special event of your life. You have chosen a dress and a pair of pretty shoes, you have accessorized everything with care and attention to detail, you have even chosen the lipstick you will wear on the Big […]