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Check Out This Fun Guestbook Idea!

If you thought guestbooks are outdated, think again. There are still so many couples who choose to have one at their wedding! Truth be told, this could turn into a really lovely, heartfelt souvenir of your wedding day – so why not include it too?

If you want to make sure your guestbook is anything but boring, check out this fun guestbook idea – both you and your guests will love it!


  • Think out of the box. Yes, the traditional guestbook is a notebook your guests can use to sign their names and wish you kind thoughts for your future as a married couple. However, this is your wedding, and you are allowed to do whatever makes you happy – so don’t be afraid to use your creativity.
  • A bucket list guestbook is a very good idea if you want people to have actual fun writing down their ideas. You can also turn this into a guestbook where people write down date night or anniversary ideas if you want to make it even more romantic.
  • Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to the traditional guestbook format either – on the contrary, actually. Create a beautiful panel with a painted tree and ask guests to stick “leaves” with ideas on it. Or, if you want something even more heartfelt, ask people to write their ideas on the photo booth pictures and add them to a big collage. Both of these “guestbooks” can turn into amazing home décor pieces later on!


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