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Choose a unique look as the bride

Every bride is unique in her own way – and you make no exception whatsoever. How to mirror your originality and unique sense of style in the way you look on your Big Day? We have some suggestions for you – so continue reading if you need just a bit of inspiration.

  • Colored dress. These days, you are not obliged to wear a white dress on your wedding day. In fact, you are not obliged to do anything – so you can definitely wear a colored wedding dress. For a beautiful, feminine and “double-meaningful” effect, wear a blue dress. For a very girly look, wear a pink one. And if you have any other color in mind, go ahead and wear it – you are free to do so!
  • Ombre dress. If you don’t want to completely leave tradition behind, but if you want to create a unique effect with your bridal look, an ombre dress is a truly wonderful choice. From grey to bright yellow, there’s a huge range of options you have here – including ultra-feminine ruffled dresses!
  • Golden dress. Want to really shine on your wedding day? How about wearing a golden wedding gown? Not only will this look splendid, but it will emanate so much style and uniqueness that everyone will fall in love with your look.
  • You don’t have to wear an actual dress – so, if you feel better this way, you can wear a romper. Long or short, this is a stylish, original and fun alternative to the traditional wedding dress.

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Photo source: withbeautiful