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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

250x250-alterationsHere at our Las Vegas gown care center, we see a lot of wedding dresses pass through. The variety is incredible, and even sometimes overwhelming, so we understand that for a newly-engaged bride the choice of dress can feel hugely stressful.

The most important consideration for your wedding dress is of course that you love it! Beyond that, however, are some practical considerations which are good to keep in mind as you shop for the perfect fit.

When you go to look at dresses, think about when and where you’re getting hitched. If your wedding is outside during the spring or summer, you don’t want long sleeves or a delicate hem that could be ruined by dirt or mud. Even if you are getting married indoors, you want something that you will be able to wear for a while without freezing or sweating too much.

Another thing to consider is the spirit and style of your wedding. If it’s a formal or traditional affair, check out longer and more traditionally detailed gowns. If your wedding is more casual or freespirited, go with what your heart desires!



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