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Connect with your DJ before hiring them for the wedding!

Your wedding music is more than important to you – after all, it is a huge part of the Big Day and it will help you create the perfect ambiance at this unforgettable event. And, in order to have the best music, choosing the best DJ is absolutely crucial too.

How to connect with your DJ before you hire them for the wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on to find out more.


  • Experience does matter. Sure, there may be a lot of young, talented DJs out there – but when it comes to your Big Day, you might want to settle for someone who has at least a few years of experience under their belt. They will know how to treat your crowd and they will know how to make everyone happy with the music played at the wedding. It may cost a bit more, but, same as with most services, you do get what you pay for – so every cent will be worth it!
  • Musical knowledge matters too. It should come without saying, but your DJ really needs to know a lot about music. Pay attention, though! Some DJs specialize in particular types of music, so you should definitely ask them what their specialty is before signing on the dotted line.
  • The connection you have with them is important. Same as in many other types of relationships, chemistry should be present. You should get along with your DJ and you should be 100% certain you can communicate with each other.
  • The references should be checked. Everyone can build a website and talk great things about themselves – but if you want to be absolutely sure your DJ is amazing, check with their references. It can make all the difference in the world.

Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists can provide you with experienced, dedicated and attentive wedding gown alteration services – so if you want your dress to look perfect on you for the Big Day, you can definitely trust us with this task! You will never regret your choice!


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