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Couples…think twice before letting your friends be your wedding vendors!

When planning a wedding, saving money is frequently a very important item on the couple’s “to do list”. And while that is perfectly smart and more than welcomed, it is also important to do this the right way – and hiring friends as your wedding vendors may not be the best option when it comes to this.

Why is it that you should think twice before allowing your good friends provide you with wedding services? Here are some tips to consider:


  • Vendors will always have more experience. Unless your friends actually are wedding vendors and have been doing this for a long time, it is more than likely that they will have less experience in dealing with potential problems that might appear along the way (or in dealing with a “crowd”, for that matter).
  • Professional service providers are keen on quality. They make a living out of this and they really want you to be fully happy as their clients – so they will go to large extents to ensure that every single guideline is religiously followed. What’s more, professional vendors will also come with a very generous set of skills, creativity boosters and talent enhancers – so that their services to you are just as unique as your love story itself.
  • You really want your friends to have fun at the wedding. Let’s say you’re actually great friends with a wedding photographer and that you genuinely love his/her work. Hiring him/her for the Big Day will be a good idea – but he/she will not have fun at your wedding because he/she will have to work. You probably don’t want this for your friends, right?

Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists can alter, clean and preserve wedding gowns in a way that maintains their beauty and uniqueness. Contact us, find out more about our wedding gown services and hire us to have a picture-perfect attire on your Big Day!


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