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Be creative and have a 1940’s themed wedding!

Vintage weddings continue to fascinate us precisely because they are timelessly elegant and absolutely stunning. If you have decided to have a vintage wedding , planning an event inspired by the 1940s is a truly great idea. How to do that? How to pull off a gorgeous 1940s wedding? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The tablescape. To create a beautiful and elegant tablescape inspired by the 1940s, we suggest you settle on golden accents and opulent flower arrangements. For example, a wedding table centerpiece with orange, yellow and red garden roses will look really great in a golden vase (or, if you want to “up” your vintage game, add golden peacocks to the arrangement too).
  • The bridal look. There’s nothing to say “vintage elegance” more like a fine combination of black, gold and apricot touches – so bring these into your wedding day accessories (an apricot lipstick and a gold clutch purse will look truly stylish when brought together with a vintage wedding gown).
  • Musical menus. To add a dash of uniqueness to your vintage wedding, combine your menu items with songs that were popular in the 1940s. This is a very nice touch your guests will definitely love!
  • Two cakes. If some brides wear two wedding gowns at their Big Day, why wouldn’t you be allowed to have two wedding cakes too? Create two separate (smaller) cakes and make sure to choose designs that complement each other in an elegant and stylish way.

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Photo source: Matthew_Smith