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Did You Know This Is the Order of the Wedding Speeches?

Weddings are still surrounded by a lot of etiquette rules. Some still make sense today, some don’t, and are slowly growing out of “style”. Yet, if you want to plan a wedding that’s as traditional as possible, you will still want to make sure you follow all of the etiquette tips that have been handed down from one generation to the other.

For example, do you know the actual order of the wedding speeches? If not, we have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The father of the bride is always the one who starts the speeches. In a traditional wedding setting, the parents of the bride are the ones who pay for the wedding reception (and thus, they are the ones who host the Big Day as well). Therefore, it only makes sense that the father of the bride would start the wedding speeches, as the one “giving away” the bride.
  • The groom usually follows after the father of the bride. He is the one who will promise to take care of the bride from thereon, and his speech is more or less a “reply” to the father of the bride speech. Most of the times, this speech focuses on the bride more than the groom, and it usually ends up being really emotional as the groom relays his hopes for the future and shows his appreciation for everything his bride is.
  • Once the groom has delivered his speech, the Best Man should take over the microphone as well. In most situations, this is an emotional and light-hearted wedding speech – but if you’re the Best Man, it is absolutely crucial that you don’t overdo it with the jokes. Keep them well-balanced and make sure you don’t offend anyone at the wedding – much less the actual bride or the groom. No matter how funny the story you have in mind is, it can wait for the after-party.
  • In the recent years, the bride and the Maid of Honor have started to give their own speeches as well. This is not actually traditional, so it has no specific “place” in the order of the speeches. It can be done after the Best Man’s speech, or it can be alternated after the groom’s speech, according to your wish.


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