Do I need to clean my gown before my wedding?

This is a common question we are often asked.

If you have chosen a pre-worn gown, an off the rack gown, or a sample gown for your special day, chances are other brides have tried on the gown.  Whether just for a few minutes, or longer, someone else has had it on.

There may just be a spot of make up, or a stain on the outside of the gown which needs to be removed.  However, “spot cleaning” is not always the answer.  When the spot or soil is removed, the area around it may end up  brighter, perhaps more white than the rest of the gown, and ultimately this means the gown must be completely cleaned.

More importantly, when a gown has been tried on by several brides, such as an off the rack or sample gown, her scent can become embedded in the bodice fibers.

On your wedding day, with emotions and excitement running high, your body heat can bring out these fiber fragrances and all of a sudden, you may catch a whiff of a smell that is definitely NOT YOU…and then you begin to wonder…does my husband smell that scent?  Can anyone else smell what I smell?  The very last thing you should be concerned with on your wedding day is what your gown smells like.

Your easy solution…

Have your gown cleaned by a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist at Village East Cleaners, the experts in making your dress perfect for your special day.

But all my dress needs is steaming…

Absolutely.  If your gown was cleaned by another bride, or you know that no one has ever worn the gown,  then all your gown will need is a final steam and press just before your wedding day.   We can do that for you at a very reasonable price.

We will professionally package your gown for your wedding and can even deliver it to a local Las Vegas wedding venue for you.