Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists – Henderson NV

Do this asap after your honeymoon

When your beautiful wedding day is done, you and your spouse are heading out on your honeymoon. You are probably going to place your beautiful wedding gown bunched up somewhere in your closet, under the bed, or in a closet. You may have waited for a while before remembered the thought of cleaning and preserving your costly wedding gown.

Alcohol, (especially wine), sugar, and some food products can stain your wedding dress as they tend to “set” in the fabric.

Therefore, it’s a good idea your gown is promptly brought in to the Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialis (Village East Cleaners in Henderson, NV) for proper treatment, cleaning and preserving. Doing so ensures your bridal gown will remain in the best condition possible. It is important that your dress be cleaned and preserved asap!

Cleaning and preserving wedding gowns, and even bridal dresses, is a something we take very seriously – and you should, too, especially if you want to save your photos, videos and the memories wedding gown.

The task of preserving a wedding gown is multi-faceted. It involves:
All areas of the gown or dress is inspected thorougly.
All embellishments, beading, and trim are thoroughly tested for stability.
Proper detergents and solvents are used to carefully eliminate all stains
Gentle cycle cleaning
Post inspection of all trim and soiled areas
Sewing of any loose beads or buttons or trim
Meticulous pressing and stuffing with acid-free tissue to ensure no fading over time
Careful placement in an acid-free box to ensure safe storage over the years