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Don’t Know How to Find Your Bridesmaid Dress?

If you have been selected as a bridesmaid, you want to make a really great impression. After all, this is one of your best friends, and the event you’re helping with is one of the biggest in her entire life – so you most likely want to look great and feel amazing in your own skin.

How to find the perfect bridesmaid dress when the bride has allowed to you do this on your own? Here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Even if she does allow you to buy the dress you want, it is more than likely that you will have to follow certain guidelines. More often than not, these guidelines are focused on colors and the various combinations you’re allowed to make (so that you coordinate with the rest of the wedding décor). Still, there are brides who set up clear rules for the lengths, necklines, and other aspects of the dress as well.
  • Think of the formality and of the location. If the wedding invitation says “black tie”, you will have to wear a long, elegant dress. If, however, the bride has allowed her guests to be more casual, then it means you can be a little more relaxed (but keep in mind that certain fabrics and designs are still out of discussion!). Also, remember to match your wedding to the location and weather outside too!
  • Last, but definitely not least, consider your accessories too. The right accessories can help you stand out from the crowd and personalize your dress. If the bride hasn’t set any rules for this, you can wear whatever suits the dress, your style, and the overall style of the wedding!

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Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash