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Dress style options for your bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids deserve to look just as gorgeous as you do – and while it definitely matters what colors they wear, it is also important that they choose cuts that fit their bodies well. What are some of the most flattering dress style options for bridesmaids? We have some suggestions for you – so read on to find out more.

  • Pear-shaped. We all love the femininity and grace of beautiful pear-shaped bodies – and, with the right dress cuts, your bridesmaids will definitely look stunning if they have this body shape. The best kind of bridesmaid’s dress for this body shape is one that features an A-line and a sweetheart neckline – the combination is so delicate and pretty your bridesmaids will instantly love it!
  • Want to flatter the body of a curvy bridesmaid? The best way to flaunt those feminine curves is to wear a gorgeous body-hugging mermaid dress. So amazing and elegant! So timeless! So sophisticated!
  • If your bridesmaid has a rectangle-shaped body, she will surely want to add a bit of curves into the mix. The ideal dress for this body type is that which creates the illusion of “fullness”. For instance, your bridesmaid could wear an off-the-shoulder dress with a ruched bodice and a side-pleated skirt. It will look adorably feminine!
  • Are your bridesmaids petite? If your friend(s) want to flaunt their delicacy and beauty, the best type of dress to wear is a clean-cut, knee-length, waist-clenched one. So pretty and stylish!

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Photo source: andrew_andy