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Dress your bridal party to perfection

Your bridal party is consisted out of amazing people – and you surely want to show them how much they mean to you by making sure they are all dressed to perfection. How to pick the right attires for your bridal party? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The bridesmaids. You have two options when it comes to bridesmaids’ attires and creating a truly cohesive look. The first one is to choose a range of colors and a manufacturer and allow your bridesmaids to choose the exact design and cut, as well as the different accessories they will wear with the dress. The second option is to choose one component of their attire (e.g. the skirt of the dress), and give them freedom with the other elements.
  • The groomsmen. In general, groomsmen’s attires are easier to deal with than bridesmaids’ dresses – and that is largely due to the fact that they will usually wear a replica of the groom’s tuxedo or suit. However, do keep in mind that all of the tuxedoes or suits should be created by the same manufacturer, so that it looks really well incorporated into the entire wedding style.
  • The parents. The mothers don’t have to dress similar to each other, but they are usually expected to dress in a similar style and level of formality. Furthermore, some mothers choose to wear colors similar or complimentary to those worn by the bridesmaids, but that’s not mandatory (and it is really up to the bride if this should or shouldn’t be done). As for the fathers, they don’t have any particular rule to follow – however, the father of the bride is generally expected to wear a suit or tuxedo similar to that of the groomsmen (especially since he will walk the bride down the aisle).

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