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A French inspired wedding is a gorgeous idea!

Everyone loves the typical French elegance and sophistication – so if you are thinking of bringing that into your Big Day, you definitely want to make it as beautifully as possible. How to do it, though? How to plan a French inspired wedding, regardless of where in the world you want your wedding to take place?

We have some great ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  • No need to have everything in matching style and colors. French beauty is all about blending different styles and colors in a way that makes everything look harmonious – so you don’t have to have matching china or glassware. Just make sure they all look great together.
  • Go for naturalness. Your wedding tables don’t have to be overly decorated. Farmhouse and beautiful wooden tables will not need much to look amazing – but if your tables aren’t particularly good-looking, cover them with simple white linens. Pair everything with white monogramed napkins placed alongside the plate.
  • Have wine on every table. It’s no secret that the French really love their wines – so bring this into your wedding too. Make sure every table has a bottle of wine and a carafe of water. Also, place loaves of French bread on each table too – it will surely add to the “French ambiance” you’re trying to create at your wedding!
  • Serve a French inspired wedding menu. You don’t have to serve everything French – but have one larger meal inspired by the French cuisine. Also, don’t forget about the cheese and fruit! If you want to, you can even replace the traditional wedding cake with a tower made with different types of cheese and fruit. Guests will be delighted!

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Photo source: adactio