Consider a gorgeous pantsuit for your wedding day

Thankfully, traditional wedding etiquette are not as powerful as they used to be – and nowadays, brides can wear whatever they like on their wedding day. For example, if you want to skip the classic white wedding gown, you should definitely know that you have a lot of other options – from slightly colored elegant dresses to short gowns and even black or red dresses.

Wearing a pantsuit is also an amazing option – especially if you are the kind of bride who wants to make a really strong statement on her Big Day. What are some of the best wedding pantsuit ideas to consider? We have some tips for you – so read on to find your inspiration.


  • Timelessly elegant. Nothing can beat a timelessly well-cut pantsuit. Dress in white for a traditional and chic touch, or in another color if you want to tear yourself completely away from the old-school wedding customs.
  • Sexy and modern. Not into traditional pantsuits? No worries! Pair a stretchy pair of elegant white pants with a modern, stylish white blazer and you will feel powerful as you walk down the aisle and get ready to spell out the big “I Do”.
  • Feminine touches. If you don’t want to give up on the femininity that comes with a more traditional wedding attire, but you love the idea of a pantsuit, you should know that there are options for you as well. For instance, wearing an extra-long, delicate wedding veil with your pantsuit will make you appear more unique and feminine too. At the same time, you could wear a pantsuit with a long blazer that ends in girly ruffles – a very unique wedding day attire!

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Photo source: EnriqueMéndez