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Grooms take on a lot of stress through the wedding planning as well, here are some things they wish their bride would stop asking!

Somehow, our society has made weddings all about the bride: her dress is the center of attention, the success of a wedding is upon her shoulders and she is the one planning everything down to the smallest details. Under these circumstances, it is no wonder why sometimes brides can feel like cracking up under the pressure – and why they keep asking their grooms-to-be a lot of questions that don’t make much sense to them.
While you can definitely involve your future husband in choosing the food, the cake, the drinks, the venue and other wedding-related things, there are certain questions grooms don’t really know how to answer. What are the things he would like his bride-to-be to stop asking? Read on and find out more.
• Colors, themes and décor details. Let’s face it: your groom will probably see the whole and he may or may not like it. But if you ask him about color combinations, variations on 10 wedding themes and table centerpieces (and how they work with the table linens), they will most likely be at a loss. These are the kind of questions you should deal with your bridesmaids, mother and wedding designer – not with your future husband.
• Don’t stress him over his duties. Don’t ask him every day if he has chosen his groomsmen – believe it or not, this can be a tough choice for a man too. Don’t ask him every day if he has already decided on a tux or on a suit. Don’t ask him every day about what his groomsmen are going to wear. He will decide – and when he will do it, he will tell you about it. No need to remind him every single day of the fact that he has wedding-related duties too!
• Etiquette. Even for someone well-experienced in the art of planning weddings, etiquette can sometimes be a huge mystery. Truth be told, wedding etiquette is less “stable” these days and it has become more of a “moving organism” – so if you, your mother or your Maid of Honor don’t know the answer to an etiquette-related problem, your groom will probably not know it either.
If you want to look stunning for the big day and if you want to make sure that your wedding gown is properly fitted, don’t forget to call Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists. That’s one detail you definitely don’t want to leave behind!
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