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Have You Considered a Starry Wedding Gown?

Thankfully, you are much less constricted as a bride today than what your mom and grandmother used to be. From the fact that you can wear a white pantsuit at your wedding to the fact that you can wear just about any color under the sun, your bridal outfit is not limited to just a few options and variations anymore.

Under these circumstances, have you considered wearing a starry wedding dress? They are absolutely gorgeous! Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • A veiled wedding dress with long sleeves and star appliques. So soft and feminine it will feel out of this world! If you want to look like a delicate fairy as you walk down the aisle, this type of dress is an absolutely breathtaking choice. We guarantee your guests will be amazed by its fairy tale vibe!
  • A short wedding dress with ruffles. Want to go all in with your unconventional wedding dress? Pick a short design with ruffles and stars in between them. You will look so sweet and playful wearing this on your Big Day!
  • A starry wedding cape. Thinking it might get chilly on your wedding day? Wear a superb star-patterned cape on top of a simple dress. It will be extremely practical and it will look mesmerizingly unique. We bet the camera will love your look!
  • Black and gold. A story as old as time, a color combination forever elegant – wear a black veil wedding dress with golden starry appliques. If you think this might be too much for the Big Day itself, consider wearing it at your rehearsal dinner – it will look amazing nevertheless!

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Photo by One Wedding on Unsplash