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Have You Picked the Perfect Pair of Shoes for the Big Day?

We all know ladies love shoes – we just can’t have enough of them, really! Given that we want the perfect pair of shoes for just about every outfit, it is perfectly understandable why a bride would want to go the extra mile to make sure her bridal footwear is absolutely flawless.

So, what are the biggest bridal shoe trends this season? What are the best designs to look at when picking your Las Vegas wedding shoes? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • What could be more comfortable than a pretty pair of loafers? This season, they are totally wedding-worthy, so if you are looking for excellent comfort and a big trend to wear on your wedding day, this type of shoe is here for you. From square-shaped to completely flat and with a bit of heel, there’s something for every bride in this category!
  • Ankle boots. Naturally, with the weather outside getting chillier every day, boots couldn’t have missed from the picture. Yes, this season they too have made it to the bridal runways – and they’re there in grand style! Wear your ankle boots flat or with a stiletto heel and you’ll feel excellent walking down the aisle and dancing on your favorite songs!
  • Slingback shoes. This may seem a trend torn from a couple of decades ago, but slingback shoes have made a huge comeback too. Again, they too come in a pretty wide range of styles and heel sizes – so you are guaranteed to find a pair that will suit you from all points of view!


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