Having a Destination Wedding in Las Vegas??

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If you are having a Destination Wedding invites should be sent out 2-3 months ahead of time. It also would be a good thing once you have your date set that you send out a Save The Date Card.

• Destination Weddings usually book one year ahead of time
• Ask your venue if they offer all-inclusive packages
• The bride’s family pays for the lodging for the bridesmaids and the grooms family pays for the groomsmen. Wedding party pays for their own expenses for outside activities
• Choose a location that means something to you
• Visit location in advance
• Meet vendors in person or hire a pro to handle the details

You don’t have to travel with your gown. Ship your gown to us and we will take care of all the pre- wedding preparations of your gown and then deliver it to your hotel or venue. To get full details you can call our Bridal Department at 702-998-9813 or Email: lvweddinggowncare (at) gmail.com and we will forward you all the information you need.

Need other vendors be sure and check out the Las Vegas Wedding Gown Chamber of Commerce  (http://www.weddingchamber.vegas We are a charted member and here you will find all the people who can help you with your wedding.