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How Safe Is It to Ship My Gown?

For a bride, her wedding gown is almost sacred. After having dreamt about it for decades and after having searched for the one for many months, it comes as natural that you will want to properly take care of your wedding gown.
If you are having a destination wedding though, one issue may appear along the road: transporting the gown. Most airlines these days do not allow you any kind of space where you could hang your wedding gown, and that makes it problematic for brides-to-be when it comes to transporting their gowns.
However, you have another option available as well: shipping the gown. This way, it will be at your hotel by the time you arrive and you will be able to check off one of the “to do” things on your list. Is it safe to ship your gown, though? Here are some of the things to know:
If you do decide to ship your gown, make sure you ship it to a wedding gown specialist first. This way, any kind of crinkles that may have appeared on the dress while “on the road” will be eliminated.
It is also very important that you try to pack your gown as properly as possible. This can save you from a lot of trouble.
Make sure that your wedding gown specialist will let you know when your gown has arrived at their location. It may not be something “huge”, but it will take a burden off your shoulders especially if you are really nervous about this.
If your wedding takes place in Las Vegas, ship your dress to us and we’ll take care of it so that it looks absolutely perfect for the Big Day. Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists will steam your dress and we will even make alterations on it (if needed) in a professional, high-quality way that will contribute a lot to making you feel drop-dead gorgeous on your wedding day. Contact us without hesitation.
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