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How to care for your gown AFTER the Preservation:

How to care for your gown AFTER the Preservation:

You have had your big day and you thought ahead about preserving you dress and the memories of your big day.

The Preservation has been done or is currently in the process of being done.

It will come packaged in a sealed box that will keep it looking like the day you walked down the aisle.  Now the only thing you will have to do is make sure that you store it properly.

Wedding gowns that have been cleaned and preserved should be stored in a room that is cool and kept out of direct sunlight.  A good place is under a bed if possible.  Attics and damp basements should not be a place to store the gown.  You also want to make sure that the place you choose does not have major temperature changes and the humidity is a minimum.

If you open the box you will have to have it professionally boxed again.   Be careful to not open if it is just to look at the gown.   The boxes that your gown will be returned to you have a window so you can see your gown.

If you had your gown preserved with us, you will receive a 100% guarantee against yellowing.  This guarantee will be honored at over 500 locations worldwide.

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