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How to Choose a Wedding Date

You’ve just become engaged! Congratulations – and now the real work begins. One of the first things on a newly engaged couple’s to-do list is to set a date for the wedding. In some ways it’s a small decision (just pick a day!) but it is an incredibly important decision.

Take a look at a calendar, one that has all important holidays marked. If many of your guests are religious, check the dates of major religious holidays so you Call your wedding venue ahead of time and see what dates they have available, keeping holidays and

If you have other friends or family members who are also planning their weddings, make sure that you all confer and settle on dates that don’t interfere with each other. You don’t want your friends to be missing out on your wedding and you don’t want to have to skip theirs!

Once the date is set, you’re ready to move on to all the other exciting moments of wedding planning, from getting your dress to setting a menu.

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