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Kids attend weddings too! Be sure they have activities as well, here are some ideas:

You want every single one of your wedding guests to feel amazing celebrating with you – and kids make absolutely no exception from this. If you plan on inviting very young guests at your wedding, you should make sure you provide them with some fun activities too – just as you will do for their parents too.


What are some of the most entertaining things to prepare for the little ones at your wedding? Read on and find out more.

  • A tent. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding in spring or summer, organize an outdoor tent with fun games for your youngest guests. They will have tons of fun there and they will be busy enough not to get rambunctious (and potentially hurt themselves).
  • Activity suitcases. It is a great idea to have a table set just for the children invited at your wedding. Welcome them with some activity suitcases or bags (with wedding-themed coloring and activity books, for example) and they will be more than happy.
  • Disposable cameras. Give your little guests a great task: to photograph your wedding from their point of view. Disposable cameras are inexpensive and the kids will have tons of fun playing photographers at your wedding. Who knows? Maybe they’ll manage to pull off the most honest and beautiful pictures of your Big Day!
  • Bring in an entertainer. If you want to keep your youngest guests busy and happy, bring in an entertainer just for them! A magician or a fairy will keep the children entertained throughout the wedding – and he/she will keep them away from trouble too.

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