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A nautical theme is an elegant choice for a wedding

Summer is just a few months away – and together with it, we will see a breeze of new (and renewed) wedding themes flooding our world. If you plan on having a summer wedding, or if you are simply in love with the ocean and its mystique, a nautical theme will be a great choice for you.


How to pull off this wedding theme, though? How to make sure your nautical-themed wedding is truly perfect? We have gathered some inspiring ideas – so read on and find out more.

  • For the table setting. Add just a dash of uniqueness to your wedding tables by covering each plate with a navy blue napkin and using a nautical knot instead of a traditional napkin ring to pull it together.
  • For the centerpieces. Want simple and elegant centerpieces, but want to make sure they fit into the wedding theme too? Wrap cord or rope around some glass cylinders in which you will place large votive candles. It will look classy and beautiful!
  • For the place cards. Forget about boring place cards and replace them with cute paper boats. Hang the names of the guests as a “sail” to these boats for a touch of originality and fun.
  • For the bridesmaids. You may not want to dress your bridesmaids in sailors, but you can definitely bring a bit of that “navy” look into their attires. We suggest you accessorize them with navy-striped clutch purses and/or shoes for a very elegant and stylish look.

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Photo source: kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop)