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Plaid offers a beautiful touch to tie together your Winter wedding!

Elegant and full of luxurious grace, winter weddings are a true joy. If you are among those who want to plan a winter wedding, you know very well how fascinatingly beautiful this could turn out, especially if you pay attention to all those details meant to create a magical atmosphere for your Big Day.


For example, have you ever considered plaid for a winter wedding? It can tie everything together in a gorgeous way! Here are some of the best ideas to inspire you in incorporating plaid into your wedding décor:

  • Plaid blankets for the ceremony. Want to have an outdoor ceremony? Keep your guests cozy and warm with some pretty-looking plaid blankets. They are stylish, they are really cute and they will give your wedding a great, unique touch. Also, if you want your wedding photos to be special, keep one of these blankets and take it with you to the photo shooting as well.
  • Plaid table runners. Whoever said plaid is not elegant, did not know how amazing it can look when on a wedding table. Rustic-chic and definitely original, plaid table runners can complement a more informal wedding without “stealing” its shine in any way – so they are an idea you should consider for your Big Day.
  • Plaid cake. Bring a dash of plaid stylishness into your wedding cake too! A classic cake wrapped in plaid and decorated with fresh flowers will be the kind of idea that will surely leave your guests in awe!

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