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Preserving Your Wedding Dress

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The fact that you are reading this article shows that you have interest in keeping your wedding dress in great condition. Believe it or not, for many people, the thought of having their wedding dress cleaned and preserved is something that is not even considered. However, if you have ever worn your wedding dress, then you know how important it is to preserve your dress for future generations. You may also want to consider cleaning your dress as well, but if you are planning on preserving it, it is best to have it cleaned as well.

There are many ways that you can clean and preserve your wedding dress. One way is to wash your dress in the washing machine with a special detergent that will clean and preserve your dress. Not a great idea, though, as wedding gowns are not made to be tossed around in a washer. There are also other products that can be used to clean and preserve your wedding dress as well. Some of these products include dry cleaning and steam cleaning. The first method is much more expensive than the second, however it is also much safer and less chance of damaging to the dress. It is recommended that you use a professional dry cleaners who are wedding gown specialists in dry cleaning and know the process of proper wedding dress preservation. For example, Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists in Henderson, NV (, know exactly what to do and how to do it properly.

If you have already decided that you want to clean and preserve your dress, then you really should leave that up to the professionals rather than trying to clean your wedding dress on your own. Some professionals understand there are many different types of cleaners and preservation methods available, however, you want to make sure they are well-trained and specialize in wedding gown cleaning, restoration and preservation.

Do your research and check to see if your dry cleaners are listed on the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists website (