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Pricing for Alterations of your Wedding Gown

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pricing-for-alterations-3Have you called and asked for a price for alterations and been told that we would have to see your gown to give you a price?  If so, did you wonder why we couldn’t do it over the phone?

It’s not that we don’t want to, but we simply CAN’T.  We do however offer “FREE” Consultations.

The reason we can’t is when people call, they usually say “How much to shorten my wedding gown?  Well, there are many factors to consider for instance:

  • Is your gown a Mermaid Style?
  • Is your gown a Ballroom style?
  • Does it have multiple layers? All layers will need to be shortened.
  • Is your gown lace?
  • Is your gown fully beaded?
  • Does your gown have tulle?
  • Do you want a full-length gown shortened to a street length?

These are just a few of things we need to know before we can give you a price.

We never want you to be disappointed, so it is always better if we see your gown before we give you a price.  Remember Consultations are FREE!



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