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Steal Inspiration from the Parisian Style for Your Big Day!

It is a well-known fact that Parisian ladies are among the most fashionable and stylish women in the entire world. So, if you appreciate their style and if you want to rock a really chic look at your Big Day, why not take inspiration from their daily habits and “borrow” them for your wedding look? We have gathered some tips to help you achieve this – so read on and find out more.

  • It’s never about the size. Your gown doesn’t have to include tens of yards of veil and lace to be elegant. It doesn’t have to be ultra-large, overly embellished, or floor-sweeping to be timeless. Parisian fashion is never about the size – but it is always about the simple, clean style.
  • It’s never complicated. From the shoes you wear to the manicure you get for your Big Day, nothing about your style should say “complex”. On the contrary: always opt for simplicity, quality, and a style that flatters your body and your personality.
  • Whatever you do, it is always important to stay true to who you are. In love with blush pink? Don’t let a 200-year old tradition stop you from wearing one as you walk down the aisle! Not a big fan of dresses in general? No worries, pantsuits are perfectly viable options these days. Coco Chanel never apologized for her unique style that pushed the borders of fashion – and that is the true essence of the Parisian fashion.

Don’t forget to have your wedding gown altered to fit your beautiful body! If you plan on having your wedding in the area, Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists is here to help you feel absolutely stunning as you walk down the aisle! Contact us for our wedding dress alteration services and you will definitely love what comes out of our hands!


Photo by One Wedding on Unsplash