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Style your groom uniquely

Naturally, your groom wants to look really good on his wedding day – after all, this event is just as special for him as it is for you, so he’ll definitely want to find a wedding attire that suits him from all points of view.

How do to that? Here are some tips to help you style your groom uniquely:

  • Navy attire. Looking for a dark color that’s right in between ultra-formal and something a bit more casual? Navy is the perfect color – it will look more than fancy on an elegant tuxedo with black lapels, and it will look great on a simpler suit too. Pair navy with a pastel color for a dash of uniqueness, or pair it with simple white for timeless fashion – either way, we guarantee your groom will feel amazing wearing it.
  • Beige attire. Perfect for weddings on the seaside, beige is probably the most casual color a groom can wear. With a jacket, his attire will look smart casual and fashionable. Without a jacket and suspenders, the beige attire will look almost playful and stylish (especially when a unique bow-tie is thrown into the mix).
  • Colorful attire. Some of you may think colorful attires are not for grooms – but if you fall into this category, you should really reconsider your options. A colorful suit or tuxedo will show creativity, uniqueness, and boldness – and if your groom wants to send out this message, you should definitely help him find a color combination that stands out from the crowd.

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Photo source: johnhope14