Yes, Short Bridal Hair Can Be Braided Too!

Some brides believe having short hair is not suitable for a Las Vegas wedding and that finding a very bridal-esque hairstyle for this hair length is nearly impossible. However, that is completely untrue. Short-haired brides have just as many hairstyling options as brides with long hair do – and following, we have gathered some of […]

Looking to Grow Your Hair for Your Wedding Day – These Tips Will Help

Brides are always stunning, regardless of whether they have long, medium, or short hair. However, some of you may be very keen on wearing your hair long on the Big Day – and when it comes to that, there’s really no secret recipe to make it longer overnight. How can you boost the entire process, […]

Bridal Accessories You Cannot But Love

We’ll be the first ones to admit that finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important elements of the wedding planning process. However, you should never underestimate the power of pretty accessories to instantly lift up your look and make you feel like a stylish queen walking down the aisle! What are […]

Choose the perfect lingerie for your wedding gown

It doesn’t matter what type of wedding you want to have – looking fantastic is most definitely on your list of priorities. Of course, picking a superb dress is a large part of the deal – but making sure you’re wearing the right type of lingerie is really important too. How to choose the perfect […]

Create your wedding hairstyle to accompany your wedding dress

A woman’s hairstyle is always important – and even more so when she’s stepping down the aisle, as a bride, on her Big Day. How do you make sure you create a wedding hairstyle that complements your wedding dress – and, as a consequence, the entire wedding? We have some great tips for you – […]