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Take a look at some of the top “New Rules” for wedding dresses:

If you are like every other bride in the world, you will want to look absolutely spectacular on your wedding day. Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be a “fashionista”, the world of fashion can still be a great source of inspiration for your Big Day. Read on and find out more about the latest news from the bridal fashion runaways!
• The Kate Middleton/Grace Kelly is still very much in. Long-sleeved lace gowns paired with sweetheart necklines are still very popular out there – and trying on such a design will definitely be worth it, even if you don’t actually settle for it. Many designers create similar gowns, so you will definitely have plenty to choose from if you eventually choose to wear such a dress.
• Veil parasols seem to have been very popular on the runaways too. If you want to be a bit eccentric and yet still maintain an elegant feature, this is a great addition for your summer wedding look!
• Sheer gloves are making a huge comeback in the world of bridal fashion, so don’t forget to check them out too. In general, designers have paired them with simple manicures – and that’s a great idea especially if you don’t like nail art manicures.
• Another great trend we are in love with is related to the colors of the wedding gowns. Champagne, ivory and cream-colored wedding dresses have been out there for quite some time, but this year we are about to see even more color on the ceremony aisles around the world. Grey-shaded, blush pink and even black-and-white wedding dresses are the it thing in terms of wedding fashion so if you have always dreamed of not wearing a pure white dress for the Big Day, now is the time to do it!
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