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The Makeup Wedding Trends All Brides Should Know

Wedding trends should never dictate what you get or don’t get on your wedding day – but they should definitely provide you with a bunch of great ideas on how to make this event even more special.

What are some of the makeup trends brides should take inspiration from right now? We have some tips – so read on and find out more.

  • Low key, pretty. You don’t need a lot of makeup if you don’t want it. With good foundation and a touch of quality pink blush, a bit of pink lipstick and a very thin eyeliner, you can really do anything in the world!
  • Elegant, dewy. Want to look really glamorous as you walk down the aisle on your Big Day? Shine inside and out with a makeup that focuses on bringing light on your face. The foundation should have this kind of properties, but aside from that, your highlighter (applied in key areas of the face) and your long wispy lashes will surely make everyone is looking at you, the princess of this special day.
  • Bold, in love with fashion. Want to make a real statement at your wedding? Paint your lips in a very bold color and coordinate this with a very natural makeup in the remaining of the face. This bridal look will make you feel courageous and fashionable at the same time.


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