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These Updos Are Gorgeous on Any Bride!

No matter how much wedding trends may change, bridal updos seem to be absolutely timeless. They are feminine, they are graceful, and they always emphasize a bride’s most beautiful features (not to mention they allow her face to truly shine as she walks down the aisle!).

What are some of the most amazing and fashionable bridal updos of the season, though? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Knotted updo. This is a simple updo, but it can look absolutely intricate when executed the right way. Elegant and unique at the same time, this is the perfect updo for a bride who wants to be both casual and original with her hairstyle. This one works marvelously with bare-back dresses!
  • Low and messy. Ultra-high, ultra-volume and messy buns have grown to be quite common, even on a daily basis. But what about a low and messy bun to accentuate your natural beauty? This style looks wonderful with and without accessories – so you can make it feel as luxurious as you want to…!
  • Braided updos. Again, this is a style that seems to always come back into fashion – and we can definitely see why. A braided updo can be even more unique when you turn it “on the other side” and transform it into a halo braid, though – so if you want to be really special, and if you want your hairstyle to make a real fashion statement, this is one of the best ideas for the season.

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