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Traveling on a Plane with Your Gown

For a bride-to-be, her wedding gown is one of the most important things she owns. For this reason (and because a new wedding gown would be quite expensive too), brides-to-be will want to make sure that their gowns are perfect for their Big Day.
If you plan on having a destination wedding though, traveling with your gown may be something you are thinking of. Here are some things to know:
• Some airlines offer closet space to hang clothes items that are expensive. Before booking a flight, make sure you ask about this.
• If you can’t find tickets on a plane that offers closet space, box your wedding gown. It is preferable to have a specialist do this if you want to avoid any kind of “accidents” that may make the dress not look as great as you want it.
• Most likely, you will not want your expensive wedding gown to travel with the rest of the luggage (especially because it very frequently gets lost). Talk to the airline representatives and find out what their policy is in these cases. You may be able to carry your boxed wedding dress in the cabin, in the overhead bins.
• Pay attention to any free seats in the plane. Politely asking the flight attendant to allow you to deposit the dress on the free seat can work wonders. However, make sure you place the wedding gown box in a bag before placing it on a seat – just to make sure that no stains will transfer from the seat unto the dress.
Aside from flying with your gown, there is also the option of shipping it ahead to your destination. Ship it to Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists and we will make sure to steam it before your arrival. This way, your dress will look marvelous for the Big Day!
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