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Having trouble picking out an engagement present? Take a look at some etiquette to assist in your choice!

Seeing good friends or relatives getting engaged should be a joy – and not even by far anything associated with stressful situations. Unfortunately though, when you don’t know how to pick the perfect engagement present, showing up for the big party can be quite distressing.


  • What are some of the most important engagement etiquette tips to keep in mind? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more
    Offering engagement gifts is not always mandatory. It may depend on a variety of situations, but, in general, you are not absolutely expected to bring a gift (and you are definitely not expected to bring anything expensive).
  • For example, if the engagement party takes place a few days after the big announcement and if you were invited in a casual way (e.g. via text, Social Media, etc.), you are not expected in any way to bring a gift. If you don’t want to arrive empty-handed, bring a bottle of champagne or wine.
  • However, if the party will be held in a more special place (e.g. the Mother of the Bride’s house) and if you have been officially invited (via mail), you might want to consider buying something for the young couple. For instance, you could pick a small item from their registry or offer them something they can both use in the house (such as a beautiful photo frame).

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