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Do you know what type of wedding planner you need? Take a look at these tips to assist in your decision

As you may very well know it, hiring a specialist to help you in the planning of your Big Day can be extremely beneficial for you – especially if you want to make sure the wedding turns out absolutely gorgeous.


Do you know what type of wedding planner you need, though? We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

  • A day-of coordinator is suitable for couples who can plan the wedding on their own (and who have the time and the dedication to do it), but want the help of a professional for the actual day of the wedding. This can help them have a smooth Big Day and it can help them enjoy it without worrying about any kind of details.
  • A full-service wedding planner is great for couples who need a bit more help planning their Big Day. Depending on what type of service you choose, your planner may simply provide you with advice throughout the entire wedding planning process or she may help you plan the Big Day from A to Z.
  • Please keep in mind that many wedding planners also offer day-of coordination services as well – so if you need help both before the wedding day and after it, you can definitely hire someone to help you with everything.

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