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Be unexpected with your bridal look!

You are a unique human being and your love story is unique itself – so why wouldn’t your bridal look be surprising, unexpected and just as special as you are? If you want to be an unconventional bride and look gorgeous on your wedding day, here are some beautiful ideas to inspire you:


  • A bit of glam. Pair your elegant wedding gown with a cropped sequin jacket. It will instantly make your entire look pop with glamour and grace and it will make you feel really unique.
  • A bit of color. Since you are definitely not obliged to wear a white wedding dress, you can wear a colored one too. Choose a dress with a delicate ombre design that turns into blush pink at the bottom of the skirt or a dress with a floral print on it for a very spring-like look. Even if it’s not a lot of color to deal with, it will still add stylishness and uniqueness to your bridal look.
  • Fully red dress. Wear a dress inspired by the Chinese culture, where brides are actually supposed to wear red. Passionate, classy and elegant, a red wedding gown will make you feel more than original as you walk down the aisle.
  • Comfy shoes. Who says you have to wear heels? In fact, you don’t even have to wear elegant shoes in any kind of way. Make your bridal look feel unexpected and playful by wearing a comfortable pair of sneakers instead of ballet flats, sandals or stilettoes. Your guests will love the idea and it will also make for some really great wedding photos too!

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Photo source: dunikowski