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Make sure your wedding ceremony fits your religious views!

They say the wedding ceremony is for the couple, while the reception is for their guests. Of course, you are completely free to do whatever you want with your Big Day (as long as it makes you feel great, of course). But if you want your ceremony to be really unique and personal, you should make sure it reflects what you genuinely believe in – even if you don’t come from the same religious backgrounds.

How to do that? How to be absolutely certain your wedding ceremony fits your religious views? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • The first step is to discuss it with your partner (and, if needed with your parents too). Talk about the religious customs you would absolutely want to see at your wedding. Talk about the things you don’t want (or cannot) compromise on and see how to blend everything together in a wedding ceremony that reflects your true beliefs as a couple.
  • Furthermore, remember to talk about these issues with your wedding officiant too. In general, experienced wedding officiants will know how to guide couples through inter-cultural and inter-faith ceremonies in a way that makes everything smooth and flawless. Yet, it is always better to discuss about this type of things first, so that you are absolutely certain your ceremony officiant is up to the task.
  • If you feel that he/she cannot lead everything to a happy end or if you feel that he/she is reticent in any way, don’t be afraid to discuss about this too. You need an officiant who will truly be there for you, so if the one you have chosen is not ready to do this, you should definitely try and search for someone else.

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