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Take a look at some wedding disasters that you can learn from to prepare you for your big day!

Planning a wedding can be a huge stress factor – and sometimes, no matter how much you plan for it, you still risk having to face some “disasters” that could have a huge influence on your wedding.


What are some of the most common issues that could affect the smooth flow of your Big Day? Read on and find out more.

  • The cake baker disappears. Having a beautiful (and delicious) cake for your wedding can be quite important – so having a baker that bails out on you before the Big Day could have a great impact on your positivity. The important thing is to stay focused and find someone else who can do this for you. Even if the second option is not as dear to you as the first one, you will surely be able to pull off a great-looking wedding cake.
  • The hair trial goes wrong. Having a hair trial before the Big Day is absolutely crucial if you want to look at your very best. However, if your hair trial does not go as planned, you can always find a new hairstylist to do this for you. Talk to your friends, to people who have had their weddings recently and do a thorough research to find a suitable stylist. Also, remember what you didn’t like about the first trial, so that you avoid it for your wedding day hairstyle.
  • The dress is ruined. Of all the wedding nightmares a bride can have, this is by far one of the most painful one. Still, it is essential to know that you should keep your cool and find a seamstress and/or a cleaner who can help you put your dress back together, so that it looks flawless on the Big Day.

Here at Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists, we can help you with that. Our experience and talent lie at your disposal with cleaning, altering and even preservation services of the highest quality! Give us a call and find out more about us!


Photo source: Cody Ryan Reigle